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    Guild rules !!!

    Guild Leader
    Guild Leader

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    Guild rules !!!

    Post  Tulx on Sat Apr 03, 2010 8:37 am

    With joining in the "Immortality" guild you have accepted those rules:

    • We are a friendly guild that helps lower levels if they need help, but power leveling is NOT help.

    • Spamming is not allowed, as you will not like if we use your email for our own personal gain.

    • If someone is new to the server or game, BE NICE not everyone has played wow all their lives.

    • There are some raids that need experienced players in order to complete it, so don't be offended if you can't do a raid.

    • Players need to do raids and dungeons to gain skill , so please invite inexperienced (noobs) to join where possible.

    • Normal game rules apply when it comes to hacking and botting, it will not be tolerated.

    • Guild bank is strictly for guild members only, if you use the bank to help other people in other guilds or your alts in other guilds you will get removed from the guild. No appeals accepted.

    • Dont forget that each and every one of you represent the guild in WoI. Think about it before taking an action which may result in harming the guild name.

    • Dont PVP in guild House only duel

    • Guild Officer is your superior in this guild, if you feel that the officer has used his/her powers in inappropriate way then let Tulx know.

    Guild management.

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