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    Guild History

    Post  Tulx on Tue Apr 20, 2010 4:40 pm

    Immortality guild history

    • Late 2008: Marsellus and Fobully are in lead of the guild Bladerunners where young Serophis joined. After a week, Serophis was named Officer in the guild but was never able to reach over lvl 40. Bladerunners was alliance guild oriented mainly on PvE.

    • November 2008 Toxic got shut down which broke the guild appart.

    • December 2008 Marsellus creates a horde guild named Immortality having Fobully as officer. Soon joins in Serophis. The guild became to the biggest and strongest horde guild in WoC.

    • January 2009 Tulx joins the guild

    • February 21. 2009 Serophis releases which is the first website for Immortality guild

    • February 22. 2009 Rival guild „Guardians” has mimicked Immortality´s guild tabard which caused some upset.

    • March 19. 2009 Munauikku creates guild named „Mortality” in Never-endless wow

    • March 27. 2009 Immortality completes the move from WoC to Never-Endless wow bringing 200 members from one server to another. Guild goes from horde to alliance.

    • April 14.2009 Immortality moves from NE to Unstoppable wow because of several issues with NE server.

    • May 2009 Unstoppable wow lost all the leadership which made most of the population to move a new server name Eternal-Empire

    • June 26th 2009 Serophis creates WoI

    • August 3th 2009 Tulx gets the guild lead

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