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    blackbeast's/naturebeast/s officer app


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    blackbeast's/naturebeast/s officer app Empty blackbeast's/naturebeast/s officer app

    Post  jonathanjose on Thu May 27, 2010 8:16 pm

    hello my name is jonathan macaraig jose im 20 years of age... i'm from the philippines but currently residing in egypt for my studies.i wanted to apply as an officer to be able to help my fellow guildmates further more. currently i have 2 farming professions. my hunter "blackbeast"is my leather farmer and my druid"naturebeast" is my current herb farmer and will soon be able to farm enchanting materials for guild bank. to be honest im currently raiding alot, hoping to help myself and guildmates with gear.but im naturally a big fan of pvp always have been and always will hunter is currently up to pvp but my druid will serve as the guild's raiding will stay that way untill my druid is also up for pvp then my paladin"holyeagle" will continue with my pve duties. In short all my toons will always end up in a pvp status but i shall not run out of toons for raiding. i once was an officer in a guild of another server"legacy" i have been an officer in that guild for 6 months.... and co-leader for 2 months ...leadership was once bestowed upon me but i wasnt able to fullfill my duties due to personal real life problems which compelled me to halt my gaming. i may face current problems with connection and computer software problems but that will be resolved soon.ive been failing sumtimes in pvp wise and unable to perform in arena teams due to this..but as soon as it is resolved i will be hopping into arenas and BG's more frequently. i can't promise perfection...but i can promise performance.i can't promise to be the best but i can promise to do my best.i hope my stats will be to your liking. and hope that we can bring the guild to heights we have never reached b4...and i am here to lend an extra hand/sword/bow/shield.....thank you for your time.
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    blackbeast's/naturebeast/s officer app Empty Re: blackbeast's/naturebeast/s officer app

    Post  Tulx on Mon May 31, 2010 1:56 pm

    Accepted on trial officer

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