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    Rank Board and Promotions


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    Rank Board and Promotions Empty Rank Board and Promotions

    Post  Elikers on Sat Aug 07, 2010 3:54 pm

    This is a Board/table to tell the member of Immortality how to move up in rank

    • Mute: Given to players who have broken the rules of the guild for a duration of time depending on the punishment.

    • Not Active: Given to a player who has not been active unless notified to a officer why he/she is not active.

    • Social: The first rank given to a new member of the guild

    • Member: A rank given to a player if he/she has registered on the forums or has been in the guild for 2-3 weeks.

    • Pve Team: Given to a player if he/she has participated or has been a leader of different guild raids/instances

    • Pvp Team: Given to a player if he/she has been active in pvp (Player vs Player) combat with or without the guild.

    • Epic Player: This rank is awarded to a member or higher ranked player that has registered to be a Guild Farmer or Vent Admin.

    • Marshal: This rank is the first rank in the Immortality staff and is awarded when a player with an Epic Player rank has produced out-standing achievement in what he/she has done in the guild.

    • Grand Marshal: This rank is the final rank and is awarded to veteran officers (Marshals) who have given suggestions and made a difference in the guild from when they joined.

    Guild management.

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