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    Post  Elphin on Sun Sep 12, 2010 12:41 pm

    Character(s) name: Elphin

    Class / Talent Spec of main character: Rogue. Spec subject to change on whims at any given time.

    How long have you played at WOI: Wellllll, technically, I was here on day 1. Not to mention being with Immortality since KJ.

    How long have you played Retail: I dont remember. I got it christmas the first year it was out, so you do the math. I would. But math is hard. Well, no, but I dont feel like doing math, what is this, school?

    Age: 24

    Language(s): English.

    Position Applying for: Marshall/Grand Marshall, either way.

    Why we should except you for that position:
    Well, Im pretty fantastic dont you think? But seriously, I've been with Immortality since the days of Mars, our fearless and forgetten leader. I was an officer for him, alongside Sero, and then for Sero, as Mars had to step out of the picture. I generally get along well with everyone, and am always ready to lend a helping hand to anything at all. I've been gone a long time due to personal reasons, but Im back now, and throwing myself into it best I can. Unfortunately I've been gone so long that my gear is seriously outdated, and much of my time lately has gone into farming mats to get on top of that, rather then raiding the guild bank.

    And most importantly, Im Elphin <3

    ~ Elphin.

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