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    Shenanigans' Application


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    Shenanigans' Application Empty Shenanigans' Application

    Post  Shen on Mon May 02, 2011 5:20 pm

    Character(s) name: Shenanigans, Rak, Contagion, Fearfactory, Pedoshen, Shacked, Jacinto, and Bloodninja.

    Class / Talent Spec of main character: Hybrid U/B Death Knight

    How long have you played at WOI: Since September of 2010

    How long have you played Retail: My retail experience is about 2 months of classic WoW without going any further than the Barrens Razz

    Age: 19

    Language(s): English and Sarcastic

    Position Applying for: Officer and possible Farmer

    Why we should except you for that position: I believe that I can help with officer-related stuff and I have some experience with this kind of thing. I'm online for the most part because of my schooling keeps me around computers all day and I like to devote my time to helping others.

    As for the position as a part-time farmer, I have every profession maxed in the game (some with and some without every recipe) and I'll make a list of the chars with their profs. I have to get mining on another character as a backup.

    Shenanigans: Jewelcrafting (all) and Blacksmithing
    Rak: Skinning and Leatherworking
    Contagion: Herbalism and Inscription (all)
    Fearfactory: Enchanting (almost all) and Tailoring
    Pedoshen: Alchemy (Transmute Master) and Engineering (Gnomish)
    The rest of my characters in the list are fairly new and have no professions yet, so I'm still deciding.

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