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    WoI server rules

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    WoI server rules

    Post  Tulx on Sat Feb 20, 2010 3:59 pm

    Server Rules

    By accessing the World of Immortality servers and website, you agree that you will be bound to the following terms. If at any point you are found to be in violation of these terms, World of Immortality may, at its discretion, take any disciplinary action necessary to ensure future compliance. This includes but is not limited to temporary suspension, de-leveling, character “jailing,” character deletion, account suspension, and permanent account termination. Player rules are subject to change at any time without notice.

    You are expected to take full responsibility for anything that happens to your character(s). If you allow any other individual or individuals to use your account, you are fully responsible for anything that they do with your character. Any rules that they break will be applied to your account, and any punishments applied will continue to be employed against your account even if you were not the original offender.
    In most cases, minor first offenses will be met with a warning. Continued similar offenses or multiple unrelated offenses may be met with a forced disconnection (or “kick”) from the server. Further repeated offenses may be referred to our Corrective Action staff to determine if temporary or permanent account suspension may be warranted.
    More severe offenses may be met with more intense punishment, depending on the type and severity of the offense. If a player feels at any time that a punishment is unfair, unwarranted, or directed at an incorrect party, they are asked to contact Sero through our forums or Ventrilo. If you believe that a staff member has broken a rule, do not confront the staff member directly or speak with any other player concerning the issue. The only action that is permitted is to Sero through the forums or Ventrilo. Breaking this rule may result in corrective action taken against you, even if the staff member is also found to be in violation of a rule and punished as well.

    1: In –game Chat:
    You are expected to treat other players and staff respectfully. Although it is common and expected for players to argue competitively with each other (especially between players of different factions), we ask that profanity be kept out of global and other official chat channels. This includes Trade, City, General, and Guild Recruitment channels. Because this is a private server, it is possible for many younger players to be on the server, and the staff of World of Immortality insists on keeping the game safe and fun for people of all ages.
    Racially offensive and sexually explicit language is forbidden on all channels. Sexual harassment and racially-charged insults are grounds for swift and harsh punishment by the staff.
    Spamming of messages, regardless of whether they are considered useful or informative, is not allowed. Guild recruitment messages may be used in the Guild Recruitment channel, although we ask that messages be kept to once every three minutes for each guild.
    Begging for gold, items or services is not allowed. Players may request to borrow money from others that they already know, but repeatedly asking them, or asking players they do not know, or asking multiple players at once for goods or services is considered “begging” and is prohibited.
    Spamming for other servers, gold-selling websites, or any other commercial or external product, service or website is grounds for immediate termination of your World of Immortality account, as well as a permanent IP ban of your account.
    Global channel is to be considered an English-only channel. Although World of Immortality welcomes members of all languages and geographical locations, we ask that players who are unable to speak English keep chat to a channel other than Global.
    Attempting to scam, cheat, or otherwise obtain goods, tangible or intangible, from other players as a result of illegal or dishonest actions, is prohibited.

    2: Gameplay:
    Use of any third party program that allows the player to have an unfair advantage is forbidden. Gliders, bots, auction-bots, flyhacks, speedhacks, auto-teleporters, or any other program that makes your character act on its own or in a way not originally designed is prohibited and grounds for immediate suspension of your account.
    Exploiting any bugs, whether the bugs are known or unknown to the staff of World of Immortality, is prohibited. Learning or using any spell, skill or ability that is not intended to be accessible to the player’s specific class or race is prohibited.
    Attempting to access GM-only or normally inaccessible areas is forbidden. This includes GM Island, Old Stockades, the area beneath Orgrimmar, and the Emerald Dream. If you accidentally find yourself at one of these places, you must leave immediately using the Unstuck option on your console screen, the Unstucker on the website, your Hearthstone, or by contacting a GM via a ticket. Even if you originally came to the place by accident, you will be subject to punishment if you do not make an immediate good-faith effort to leave immediately.
    Flying or riding flying mounts outside either Northrend or Outlands is forbidden.

    2a: Crossfaction Grouping is currently enabled on this server ONLY for the purpose of doing raids and instances. Grouping for any other purpose is forbidden. Groups must party up immediately before going to an instance/raid and must disband immediately after the instance/raid is complete. Any other use gives the possibility of an unfair advantage in PvP and is thus forbidden. Cross-faction healing in PvP and other abuse of the crossfaction system is grounds for an immediate ban of your account.

    3: Multiboxing:
    Multi-boxing, or controlling more than one character simultaneously, is allowed in a limited sense. Players may use programs such as Keyclone to control multiple characters at once, and may use them in quests, raids, and general adventuring. Players may also use them to defend themselves if attacked by a member or members of opposing factions. However, players who are multiboxing may not enter cities of opposing factions, attack flagged members of opposing factions in neutral areas, or use multiboxed characters for pvp in any other way except in defense of one’s own self or one’s own city. Any player found to be in an opposing faction’s city while multiboxing is subject to immediate account suspension.

    4: Accounts and Items:
    All accounts, players, player and account names, guilds, guild names, in-game items, in-game gold, and any other information stored on World of Immortality’s servers is considered the property of World of Immortality. The staff is not obligated to reimburse, whether with real or digital goods or services, the loss of any tangible or intangible good resulting from server restarts, rollbacks, bugs, or any other action, regardless of which party is at fault.
    Under no circumstances may players sell, or buy any account, player, or in-game good with real currency or other tangible goods. Although in-game trading of items, gold and services is allowed and encouraged, any real-life transfer of goods, payment or services in exchange for in-game goods, payment or services is prohibited. World of Immortality is not responsible for the loss of any items, tangible or intangible, that may be lost as a result of failure to comply with this rule.

    5: Donations:
    Donations are given as an expression of goodwill from players who wish to do so. At no time is any player obligated or expected to donate to World of Immortality. The staff of World of Immortality may, at its discretion, choose to present donating players with a gift of appreciation. However, at no time are such gifts considered to be exchanges for donations, or goods or services given in exchange for payment. World of Immortality does not sell any goods or services, whether tangible or intangible. All donations made to World of Immortality are considered to be expressions of good-will and are final and irreversible. Cancellation or charge-backs of any donations is prohibited and grounds for immediate account termination.

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